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FAQsFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why are solar screens a better choice than window films or awnings?

Film is an interior application and is not designed for double pane windows. It is not nearly as effective as solar screens, and voids out all window warranties, it damages the sealed thermal pane windows. Awnings are expensive and do not offer protection 100% of the time. Neither of these alternatives will result in energy savings in the winter.

2. Will solar screens block my view?

Solar screen will still allow full visibility; only you will be looking through a material so it is almost like looking through a regular screen, only a little darker.

3. How dark will it make my house?

Solar screens will still allow light to come in, so it will not completely darken the room. However, there are no current statistics available as each person's home will be subject to several different variables such as: the angle of the sun on your windows, orientation of the house, interior design, and the number of trees in the yard. Eash customer has a different opinion on the matter, so the best idea is to have a us hold various screens over your windows while you determine the best choice for your personal preference.

4. Will people be able to see in my house?

Not in the daytime. Solar screens offer privacy in the daytime; however, at night if you have lights on, people will be able to see in.

5. How much will solar screens save on my electric bill?

Eash person's house and comfort level is different so we cannot quote any figures; there are simply too many variables. However, solar screens can significantly reduce the cost of cooling and thus help lower your utility bill.

6. Are all solar screens the same?

No. Companies use different materials and building methods, and there are many 'amateurs' in the business.

7. Why should I hire CC Sunscreens?

We have been in the sunscreen business since 1992. CC Sunscreens is a family owned and professionally operated company.

We are an A+ rated member of the BBB (Better Business Bureau),  and provide superior customer service. We offer the best prices in the valley and guarantee your new solar shades will be installed within 7 days of placing an order.  

All of our sunscreens include a LIFETIME warranty.

8. Should I remove my solar screens during the winter?

No, some people think they will get more benefit from passive solar heating with the solar screen off in the wintertime. However, there are less daytime hours in the winter season, it is also usually more overcast, limiting your chances of passive solar heating. Solar screens also create somewhat of a barrier, keeping the cold winter winds off your glass, similar to a storm window, therefore, keeping the temperature of the glass warmer. The warmer you keep the glass, the less convection heat you need to pay to pump through your house will be attracted to the glass areas, conserving energy.

9. Will solar screens save me money?

Yes, since solar screens save energy, they normally will pay for themselves within a short period of time by reducing your energy bills. Sunscreens will help your air conditioner last longer, with fewer repairs due to the reduction operational load.

10. Do solar screens really work?

Yes, they are the most energy efficient product for your windows, recommended by all Arizona utility companies.

11. Will I still be able to open my windows for airflow?

Yes, properly installed solar screens will not inhibit the operation of your windows. However, airflow will be slightly reduced due to the thickness of the material.

12. Will solar screens reduce fading of my curtains, carpet, furniture, or artwork?

Yes, solar screens will drastically reduce the fading and 'bleaching' of curtains, carpets and other interior items.

13. How long will my solar screens last?

CC Sunscreens are warranted for as long as you live in your home. However, 20-30 years is a realistic life expectancy.

14. Should I use the 80% or the 90% screening?

If you want more light, better airflow and visibility, you should go with 80 percent. If you want more glare reduction and energy efficiency you should probably go with the 90 percent. It is also possible to put 90 percent screening on the more exposed areas and 80 percent on areas with less sun exposure (i.e. north side).  Aesthetically, it will not look any different on the exterior.

15. What color of solar screen should I choose and why?

The darker colors are more efficient and also have the best view. However, we offer 8 different colors and you should pick the color you will be most happy with.  Just remember: the darker the color, the better the view.

16. Which windows or doors on my house should be screened?

For maximum energy efficiency solar screens should protect all windows and doors. However, you may order sunscreens only for those windows you may want to cover, such as the southern exposure of your house.

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